Neon 2 Hotel Orosháza - Hungary

NEON 2 Boarding House is located in Hungary, in the town of Orosháza (130 km from Timişoara), just 500 m from the famous Gyoparos thermal baths, which are very beneficial to health. The modern boarding house provides 12 air-conditioned double rooms with private bathroom and TV. Wi-Fi is free, and works in the restaurant and on the boarding house's terrace.

The bar, kitchen, restaurant, terrace, rustic grill, garden, pond and parking lots supplement the comfort provided by rooms. You can relax with friends or family grilling or making a kettle goulash in the garden or on the terrace. If you want to be served, you can order traditional Hungarian and international dishes at the restaurant we work with from the menu found at the reception, available in Romanian, Hungarian and English.

Also you can rent the whole boarding house for you, your friends or colleagues for partying or training, and you will benefit from exclusiveness for a day or even several days.

You have all the space needed for relaxation and, by visiting the thermal baths, you will find here the ideal place to recover and rest.

Payments accepted at the reception desk: cash.

For details, please visit the Hotel Neon2 Oroshaza website, contact us by e-mail: or by phone at:
+36 702.285.801; +40 746.112.645.

About the Gyoparos Thermal Baths

Gyoparos thermal waters have been known and appreciated for their therapeutic qualities since 1869; they are effective in the treatment of rheumatism, bone and musculoskeletal diseases, as well as gynecological disorders.
Gyoparosfurdo Baths center is located at 3 km from the town of Orosháza in a nature reserve, on the lakeside.

Gyoparosfurdo Baths, dubbed the Pearl of Pannonia, cover an area of ​​6000 sqm, and are a resort consisting of pools, green areas, a lake, restaurants, sauna and massage. The resort has four indoor pools and three outdoor thermal pools. It also features an Olympic pool, three normal water pools, as well as two water slides.

The health center has a sauna park where you can choose between bio saunas, aromatic saunas, aromatic baths, light therapy, cold baths, jacuzzi and massage.

Between treatment sessions, you can relax lying on chaise longues, or you can have drinks and eat various foods in the snack bars and restaurants available here.

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Neon 2 Hotel Orosháza - Hungary Neon 2 Hotel Orosháza - Hungary Neon 2 Hotel Orosháza - Hungary Neon 2 Hotel Orosháza - Hungary Neon 2 Hotel Orosháza - Hungary Neon 2 Hotel Orosháza - Hungary Neon 2 Hotel Orosháza - Hungary neon_oroshaza Neon Timisoara neon_oroshaza Neon Timisoara